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Mariano Rosales


Tel:  920.279.0687

When I first started shooting it was with a Nikon F2 camera. The exposure and focus was adjusted manually, and you had to crank the film to advance to the next frame. At my first newspaper job the editors only gave out one roll of film per assignment. We processed our own film in-house and scanned them with a very moody film scanner.

Today my work is 99% digital, but I shoot with the discipline and knowledge required when using a manual film camera loaded with a roll of 36 frames. My specialty is capturing aviation images in-flight and on the ground that stand out from the crowd. My photos have been used by domestic and international clients for editorial, advertising, and personal use.

I would like to shoot more. ​Drop me a line. Let's chat.


In addition to air-to-air photography I also specialize in editorial and event photography with over 20 years experience. And if moving pictures are more your style,
I have the capability to produce high-quality videos and audio. My collection of various cameras, custom mounts, and cockpit-audio interfaces can capture your aviation stories in ways that only a professional can.

As a newly FAA-certified sUAS operator I have the ability to capture your aerial imaging needs in a more efficient manner using one of my various multirotor camera platforms.